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Nuisance wildlife Control and Tampa Animal Control is an ongoing issue that we deal with here at Sarasota-Animal-Control. As we have continued to build more homes, commercial properties, schools, and buildings we have taken away the natural habitat of Wildlife. Thus we can cause issues with Animals getting into our home and animals in the attic. Here at S-A-C we strive to professionally and humanely remove those unwanted animals and permanently solve your wildlife control problems. Our wildlife removal and animal control services are quite extensive. We offer Animal Trapping and Wildlife removal, Wildlife Exclusions and Animal Home Repairs, Attic Anti-Microbial Treatments and Attic Sanitation, Insulation Removal, Insulation Installs, and complete Attic Restoration.

Animal Trapping & Wildlife Removal: Getting Rid of those Unwanted Guests!

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Are you having an issue with Animals in the Attic? Are noises in the Attic waking you up at night? Luckily you found the right people, wildlife removal and animal control is what we specialize in here at Sarasota-Animal Control. We get calls all the time for Removing bats from the attic, Getting rid of raccoons, Trapping armadillos that are tearing up the lawn, Rodent Control, Mouse Trapping, Removing birds from commercial properties, Getting rid of squirrels in the attic, trapping snakes, cleaning up Raccoon Poop, Removing possum Poop, Attic Restoration, Installing new Insulation, Removing contaminated insulation, and protecting the home against wildlife and animal infestations.

We offer several comprehensive programs to help you remove those pesky critters from your attic, home , property and lawn. We always start with a free inspection and a completely free home and animal diagnosis. We like to evaluate what your animal needs are and take a look at the construction of your home. Every situation is unique, wildlife is wildlife, in order for us to properly give you a quote and diagnose your situation we need to take a look at it.

Trapping is the first step for proper animal removal and wildlife control. Once the species of unwanted and nuisance wildlife has been identified we need to set traps. When we trap for animals we use the appropriate bait in order to capture the animals out of the attic or away from the lawn. We are firm believers of humane animal trapping her at sarasota animal control. We try to never kill any animals we we don't have to, we generally use live trapping methods to capture the animal. One that nuisance wildlife is caught and trapped we will relocate the unwanted wildlife over 30 miles away from your home to a state designated wildlife management preserve. These are areas where the trapped animal will be able to thrive and continue on with a happy life.

Trapping, bait, techniques, and location depends on the target species of animal that we are trying to trap capture and remove. Every animal is different thus every animal removal procedure is going to be different. This is why we offer free inspection for wildlife control and free evaluations for animal control Raccoon removal generally involves placing raccoon traps along the exterior of the home in order to live capture the raccoon. Bat removal will normally involve doing a full exclusion of the home to prevent the bats from gaining access and installing bat valves which are one way doors that will allow the bats to vacate the attic and not return.

Rodent Control and rat removal generally involves going into the attica and setting victor rat traps in the attic and in the insulation. Removing armadillos from the lawn requires live trapping of traps set near the burros and funneled in to catch the armadillos. Squirrel trapping can depend but normally traps are set on the exterior to catch the squirrels, If there are a lot of squirrels in the areas we may set up one way doors for the squirrels that will allow the nuisance squirrel to leave the attic but not return. Bird control is very complex, there are several types of bird removal and bird control methods that we use ranging from bird spikes, to bird trapping, to bird sound system installation, to Electric bird deterrents to bird exclusions, bird birth control, bird netting and so much more. As you can see the removal of wildlife and Lakeland Animal Control of unwanted animals can very that is why it is best to give us a call and we can listen to what your animal control situation is and properly help you!

Wildlife Exclusions & Animal Home Repairs: Protecting your home from unwanted Wildlife

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A wildlife exclusion is where we identify all the openings that are on your home or your property that can be used by nuisance wildlife to gain access the the structure. Our goal is to properly identify all these potential openings. What we generally do is graph out the home, mark off where the openings are that the animals are currently using in order to gain access to the attic. We then mark off all the areas of the home that are susceptible to future animal penetration. The idea here is that even if you close off the main access points, well what's stopping them from using these weak points to re-enter the home. Every time we perform a wildlife or animal exclusion we offer a 100% warranty that no future animals will enter the home or no additional animals will be able to gain access. The reason that we can offer this warranty is that we properly protect and seal up the entire house so no animals can access.

The techniques that we use for animal control are the most advanced in the industry and are proven to withstand even the harshest weather and attempts by the nuisance wildlife to compromise our work. Everything that we use is metal-based and reinforced with concrete to ensure that the animals cannot chew back through what we close. Our Techniques and Process that we use to Exclude & Protect your home are the highest quality and guaranteed to withstand weather, erosion, and wildlife!

Had a Animal Infestation? Clean up the Feces, Urine, Contamination & Poop

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Lets face it, Animals are dirty, but can you even image the extent of damage an animal infestation can cause on your home or in your attic? When an animal is living in your attic it is generally there only for a few different reasons. To Make a home, to have their babies, to Mate, or to seek shelter. Do any of those reasons sound sanitary? NO! In all reality animals will cause huge health risks and concerns of diseases when they are living in your attic. One of the biggest issues that we face with wildlife infestations is the feces and excrement left behind after an infestation. The Animals poop in the attic and on the insulation, do you want to be breathing in these feces and fecal matter when you are sleeping? There are so many different diseases that are affiliated with animal feces. The bacteria that excrement contains can be fatal if not removed and treated in a timely manner.

This is why we offer a complete Cleanup of the attic. Our Sanitation and Restoration crew will go into the attic and do all that dirty work. Thats right we will suite up in all the protective gear in order to ensure that we are 100% safe and protected. We will take large grade commercial HVAC and HEPA filter vacuums to remove all the contaminates from your attic. You do not want to go to bed having to worry that there may be poop and other bacterial left up there. That is why the team for our Attic Restoration division is the best they will make sure they athey remove all the contaminates from your attic so you will no longer have any animal or wildlife poop in the insulation.

Attic Sanitation &:Attic Anti-Microbial Treatment: Disinfecting the mess and bacteria left behind

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We all know that animal and wildlife excrements are filled with bacteria and other pathogens that can lead to serious health concerns. Wildlife feces contains bacteria that can lead to several different respiratory issues in humans; Hantavirus, Histoplasmosis, Raccoon Roundworm, ecoli and several other strains of bacteria. What many people do not take into consideration is the simple fact that these pathogens can become airborne very easily. Now let's take a look at the attic, what is in your attic, most of the time you have A/C Ductwork and vents. Well these vents go directly into the attic and directly into your home. The duct work that holds your air lines runs through the attic. Alot of time when animals are in the attic they are climbing on the duct work, they may scratch it, they may put holes in the duct work, they can even chew on the duct work. Well now there are openings in the ductwork, so the pathogens for these bacterias in the animal excrement can now get into the duct work into your home and into your lungs! This is why we perform Attic Anti-Microbial treatments. Our Attic Restoration team will go into the attic and apply a product called DSV, this is a hospital grade sanitizer and disinfectant. They will atomize the entire attic to ensure that all the bacteria is treated and eliminated within the attic. When we atomize or “fog out” the attic the product will be airborne and be able to get to all the areas in the attic that we may not physically be able to reach. This is why the atomizing process for bacteria removal is so important, that fog that contains DSV, will get into all the voids, under the insulation, on the beams, and all throughout the attic and the insulation ensuring that the bacteria is treated and eliminated.

Attic Insulation Removal. Removing the Contaminates

dirty insulation

In some severe cases where the animal infestation is so severe and the insulation can not be saved our attic restoration team can actually remove all of the insulation. In cases where the infestation is extreme, meaning there is animal excrement everywhere throughout the insulation. Or the insulation is completely matted down with wildlife urine. Or even if the animals have had their babies in the attic and there is placenta and other remains from the birth process, it may be the best option to completely remove all the insulation. Often times Complete insulation removal is not always necessary our attic restoration team is very good and can generally just remove the contaminates and just the insulation that may be affected. But if it is necessary we can remove all the insulation. The benefit to removing all the insulation is the simple fact that EVERYTHING in the attic will be gone. There will be no insulation, no contamination, no excrements, no poop, no urine, nothing!

We do all our our Attic Restoration services in house. We have all the appropriate equipment to remove any type of insulation blown in or rolled in. Our team has the insulation vacuums and the insulation bags to properly collect all the soiled insulation and dispose of it correctly. Attic clean up is dirty work, but we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work for you!

Attic Insulation Install. Installing New Insulation

new insulation

After the mess has been cleaned up in the attic and all the bacteria has been properly sanitized and eliminated the next thing that you may want to consider is installing new insulation. We offer 2 insulation services. The first service is just installing a “cap” of new cellulose insulation over your old pre-exsiting insulation. The benefit here is that you will be getting 3 inches of new pest control insulation, this cap of insulation will cover all of your old insulation. It will also cover up any of the old evidence that you may have had animals in the attic. All the animal track marks, trails, and signs will be completely covered up. It will look like you never had an issue in the first place. A lot of our customers love this idea for the comfort that when they sell the home and have a home inspection no one will be able to tell that they had an issue with animals in the attic. An added benefit is the extra cap in the insulation will have energy saving benefits. Any additional insulation added to your attic will only help for energy saving, keeping the cool air in your home in the summer and the warmth in the winter.

The other insulation service that we offer is complete install of new insulation to levels R-19 and R-30. This is generally recommended for our customers that had a severe animal infestation and all the insulation had to be removed. We will install new cellulose pest control insulation to your desired R Level (Energy saving). Generally we recommend R-19 or R-30 for the common home for insulation levels for energy saving effects.