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Bat Removal from Sarasota Attics & Homes

Even though you may only see the Bats in one area of your Sarasota home and attic, that does not mean that they are not in other areas of the house. Our bat removal technicians will come to perform an inspection of your Sarasota attic and home, we check all areas thoroughly. Bats only need about a 1/2" crack to gain access to the structure. That is about the size of a dime. What our Bat Trappers do is seal all areas of your Sarasota attic and home prior to evicting the Bats. Once the building is sealed to prevent further entry, we then install one way eviction devices to allow the Bats to naturally fly out at night on their own, when they attempt to return back to the roost they are unable to get back in. When this happens the Bats will crawl all around the structure trying to find another gap to inhabit. This is why it is critical to make sure the building is sealed correctly the first time to insure that the bats are removed or they may find their way in somewhere else less obvious. Bat prevention needs to be done by a trained professional that knows what to seal and where to look.

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The exclusion is just that, we exclude and remove the bats from the your Sarasota attic and home by sealing off all possible entry points and placing one way doors over the known entry points. The sealing can be done by multiple different methods, and every situation warrants a different method. Once an inspection is done our Bat Removal Professionals will give you a detailed quote explaining what our Bat Removal Technicians are going to do.

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Noises in the chimney? Screeching or rustling in your walls? A colony of bats in the attic? Bats in the wall? Bat droppings smelling up your house? Our Bat Removal Professionals remove bats, exclude bats, trap bats and we properly and safely clean the bat guano serving all of Sarasota.

When bats move into your attic, it is best to call a Sarasota Bat Removal: 941-306-1381

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Our Bat Removal Experts do bat control, bat removal, bat in attic, bats in attic, bats in chimney, bats in house, bat feces removal, bat guano removal, insulation replacement, & bat exclusions from Sarasota homes and Sarasota attics.

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When bats occupy a Sarasota home or Sarasota attic they unfortunately leave behind their feces or guano and urine. Bat guano is no different then other fecal material it can spread a variety of diseases but the most common one mentioned is histoplasmosis.

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Bats can live in Sarasota attics, chimneys and basements. They arenocturnal and emerge at dusk. Some bats have a wingspan of 13 inches and liveup to 19 years in the wild. They mate in October, before winter hibernation.They give birth in early June. They feast on flying insects, primarily mothsand beetles. There would be an odor associated with their droppings (guano). It is unsafe and unhealthy to have bats living in your Sarasota home and attic, bats must be removed.

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Bats both large and small are insectivores. Each bat on daily night flight can consumer about 1000 insects an hour or roughly 6000-8000 insects each and every night. This is simply the best natural pest control we have on earth and every bat if handled properly can be returned back to the wild and help us keep all the bug populations down.

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Sarasota Bats In Home Attic

In most species of Chioptera, or Bats the female bats usually have only one offspring per year. A baby bat is referred to as a pup. Pups are usually left in the roost when they are not nursing. However, a newborn bat can cling to the fur of the mother and be transported, although they soon grow too large for this. It would be difficult for an adult bat to carry more than one young, but normally only one young is born. Bats often form nursery roosts, with many females giving birth in the same area, be it a cave, a tree hole, or a cavity in a building. Mother bats are able to find their young in colonies of millions of pups. Pups have even been seen to feed on other mothers' milk if their mother is dry. Only the mother cares for the young, and there is no continuous partnership with male bats.

The State of Floirda has a law in place in order to protect the continuation of bat species. For many years very little law or regulation was in place and we have seen a decline in bat populations die to bats being removed from homes and their young pups left to die unable to fend for themselves. Maternity periods are related to the latitude or how far north your state is in North America. Typically southern states start earlier and northern states start later.

Choosing to go ahead and have bats completely removed or excluded from a home during maternity season is a very poor decision. Motherless pups wander homes in the absence of their mothers searching for them and usually end up all over the homes attic and wall voids and die. Imagine large someone sticking five pounds of ground beef in various spots around your home rotting and the expense of replacing the walls, insulation and deodorizing your home. Removing all bats, and their young during a maternity season is at most a dice throw and the homeowner often becomes the loser and at a considerable expense.

Our Bat Removal Professionals can inspect your bat infestation and determine the best time of year (Before April-May and After July-August) . State laws often dictate safe periods but a visual inspection and counting flights is often the best guide to determine when the pups are flying.



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Bat Removal & Control for Sarasota Homes

If you have a bat in your Sarasota home and need emergency bat removal our Bat Removal Professionals are just one phone call away. Bats do not belong in homes and no one should be sleeping in any home known to have bats inn the living spaces of a home. Bats are known carrier of rabies although less then 5% actually have rabies but there is no way to look at a bat and tell by observation alone of a bat has rabies.


Sarasota Bat Removal From Home

While bats are interesting and valuable animals, bat control is necessary. Bat colonies in homes must be removed. Wildlife Patrol technicians can control bats by removing them without injuring them or damaging your home. In fact, your home will be better maintained when they are done, because it is usually lack of maintenance that allows bats to take up residence.

What else can you do to control your exposure to bats? The Florida Health Department recommends avoiding bats that act "abnormally." But, what is abnormal?

1. The animal is active during the day. Healthy bats usually remain quiet and roost during daylight hours.
2. The animal has difficulty flying or cannot fly at all. It is possible that the animal is injured, but it is likely sick.
3. The animal makes very loud hissing or squeaking noises.
4. The animal is on the ground and/or in an open or exposed area.
5. The animal allows you to approach it without attempting to get away. This does not mean it is a friendly. It means something is wrong.

If you see a bat with any of these symptoms, DO NOT handle it with your bare hands. Most cases of rabies in humans happen when a person initiates contact with a wild animal. Do not attempt bat control yourself. Hire our trained professional bat removal operators by calling us today 941-306-1381.

If there is any possibility you or a family member or pet have come into direct contact with a bat, seek medical help immediately. The animal should be captured if it is possible to do so without directly handling the animal. Bats have very small teeth and claws and the bites or scratches may be barely visible or not painful.

Avoid danger by being careful around wild animals, knowing the symptoms of rabies and other infectious diseases and through careful home maintenance to promote a healthy living environment through sensible, sensitive bat control.

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